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ECCLA was established in 2006 after the pilot program of the Early Childhood Councils were established through House Bill 07-1062. The work of ECCLA is to bring the 31 local councils together to support each other, align efforts, communicate program and data information, provide local input on policy for early childhood, share expertise, and lessons learned about how best to improve the system of services in Colorado that support young children, their families, and those who work in organizations serving them. ECCLA’s purpose has evolved over time to meet the growing focus and needs of local Early Childhood Councils and respond to increased early childhood investment around the state. As a result, the need to establish ECCLA as an entity separate from state grant management emerged.

In July of 2013, ECCLA became a non-profit organization. Membership consists of local Early Childhood Councils and community partners. Currently, ECCLA continues to grow and develop as an organization bound to the core beliefs of collaboration, support, and promotion of early childhood initiatives and issues. ECCLA, like other early childhood councils in the state, use the Colorado Early Childhood Framework (2008) as a foundational approach in system building, quality, accessibility, capacity, and equality outcomes for children and families.