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Request to Present at ECCLA

Thank you for your interest in presenting to ECCLA. Please complete the attached form and return it to no less than 4 weeks before the ECCLA meeting. 

In order to make the limited ECCLA meeting time as useful and productive as possible, we ask you to think about why you are making this request, and how it helps the Coordinators in their roles.

Background on ECCLA:

ECCLA is a membership organization that supports Early Childhood Councils across the state of Colorado. The Coordinators of the 34 Early Childhood Councils around the State of Colorado meet every other month, on the third Thursday of the month. The purpose of the meetings is multi-fold:
  • To learn about key initiatives to share with local stakeholders.
  • To bring the local perspective to state level issues.
  • To share information with each other. 
As you complete the form, please think of how your presentation helps us achieve our purpose. Thank you.

To request to present, please complete the form below or download the paper copy (bottom of the page) and submit to Heather Hanna - at least 4 weeks before the meeting date. 

Early Childhood Councils Leadership Alliance ‎‎‎(ECCLA)‎‎‎

Or, download the form by clicking here.